What is medical repatriation and why does it matter?

Ensuring Safe Returns: The Critical Role of Medical Repatriation

Medical repatriation is the act of returning an individual to their home country after a
medical emergency or illness. This process involves not just the physical transportation of
the patient but also medical support tailored to their specific health needs.


What will we cover?
In the following sections, we will delve into what medical repatriation entails. We'll navigate
through the purpose of repatriation, factors influe legal and insurance landscapes, demystify
cost considerations, and share real-life testimonials.

What is the purpose of medical repatriation?

Purpose of medical repatriation service is to serve as a bridge in healthcare, connecting individuals in foreign locations with the medical care they require back in their home country
after an unexpected health emergency or diagnosis.

It is more than a simple patient transport, because it encompasses specialized medical attention tailored to their unique health requirements. This intricate service navigates the challenges of international healthcare, offering a solution that prioritizes the patient’s health and ensures seamless support throughout their journey home.

What is the difference between medical evacuation and medical repatriation?

In short, medical evacuation is an urgent response to provide immediate medical care, often in life-threatening situations, whereas medical repatriation is a planned transfer of a patient to their home country for ongoing care or recovery.

What is an example of medical repatriation?

Medical repatriation is crucial for individuals like seamen injured during voyages, students facing health emergencies abroad, and military personnel needing care after overseas duty. However, it’s not limited to these people since anyone can find themselves in need of medical repatriation.

What are the reasons for repatriation?

Medical repatriation becomes necessary in various challenging scenarios:
Illness Abroad: Travellers who fall critically ill while abroad might find that the local healthcare facilities are not equipped to provide the care they need. In such cases, we ensure they can return home to access specialized treatment they need.

Accidents and Injuries: Serious accidents can occur anywhere, anytime. Victims might require immediate medical repatriation to undergo surgeries, receive specialized treatment, or enter rehabilitation programs not available in the country where the accident occurred.

Long-term Treatment Needs: Some medical conditions require prolonged treatment and recovery periods. In such cases, patients and their families often prefer to be in their home country, closer to their family and loved ones.

What does the process of Medical Repatriation look like?

Embarking on a medical repatriation mission requires a series of orchestrated steps to ensure the patient’s safety and health are prioritised at every stage. At Alpha Air Ambulance, we’ve honed this process to a fine art, operating around the clock to facilitate timely and effective medical transfers.

Here’s a closer look at our step-by-step approach to medical repatriation, encompassing initial assessment to the final confirmation of the mission’s success.

Alpha Air Ambulance process

1. Initial Contact and Situation Assessment

The medical repatriation process commences with an initial contact made to our Operations Center, which operates 24/7, every day of the year. Our team promptly processes this contact, collecting essential information to thoroughly assess the situation. This crucial first step involves determining the urgency of the patient’s medical condition, pinpointing the patient’s location, and identifying the intended destination.

2. Mission Processing and Medical Review

Following the initial assessment, we proceed to mission processing, where our coordination team actively engages in discussions with both the sending and receiving healthcare facilities. This communication is imperative for ensuring a smooth transition, involving a meticulous review of all medical reports and the patient’s condition by our medical department. This phase is  fundamental as it shapes the subsequent planning stages and lays the groundwork for a successful repatriation.

3. Arranging the Appropriate Mode of Transportation

Armed with detailed medical information, we then determine the most suitable mode of transportation. Depending on the patient’s condition, this could range from a commercial flight accompanied by a medical escort to a fully-equipped air ambulance. Our fleet is always ready to be deployed, guaranteeing that the patient receives continuous care from departure to arrival.

4. Hospital and Ground Ambulance Coordination

A pivotal part of our process involves coordinating with hospitals and ground ambulance services at both ends of the journey. This coordination ensures all preparations are in place for the patient’s reception at the destination hospital and that ground ambulance services are ready to facilitate smooth transfers.

5. Mission Confirmation and Ongoing Care During Transit

The final phase is the confirmation and proceeding of the mission. By this point, all logistics are settled, the patient and medical team are en route, and the receiving facility is prepared for arrival. Our operations center maintains constant communication with all involved parties. The mission is finished once the patient arrives at the designated destination.

How to choose the right medical repatriation company?

Selecting the right medical repatriation company is a decision that holds profound implications for the safety and well-being of patients. With myriad providers in the market, it’s vital to make an informed choice that aligns with both medical needs and logistical requirements.

Here’s what to consider when choosing the right medical repatriation service:
● Accreditation and experience
● Global network of partner
● Air ambulance services
● Medical equipment and staff

Accreditation and Experience

Foremost, check the accreditation of the service provider. Accredited services meet stringent standards for quality and patient care, which can provide peace of mind during a stressful situation. Experience is equally important. Providers like Alpha Air Ambulance, with years of expertise, bring a depth of knowledge to each repatriation, foreseeing and navigating complex scenarios with skill and care.

At Alpha Air Ambulance, we are proud that we have been accredited by State of Wyoming, USA and Republic of Croatia as official providers of medical repatriation service.

Certificate from Office of the Secretary of State of Wyoming, USA

Global Network of Partners

Evaluate the service’s global network. The ability to facilitate repatriation anywhere in the world is a hallmark of a reliable service provider. This extensive reach ensures that no matter where an incident occurs, the repatriation service can respond swiftly and effectively.

Alpha Air Ambulance Partners

We are proud of our partners

Air Ambulance Services

The role of air ambulance services is pivotal in medical repatriation. They offer specialised aircraft equipped for various medical emergencies, providing intensive care facilities similar to those found in hospitals. When choosing a provider, consider their air ambulance capabilities, including the types of aircraft they operate and the medical conditions they are equipped to handle.

Inside of an fully equipped air ambulance

Medical Equipment and Staff

The medical team and equipment on board are the lifeblood of any repatriation mission. Ensure that the service has a robust team of healthcare professionals, including doctors,
nurses, and paramedics, who specialise in aeromedical care. The aircraft should be furnished with advanced medical equipment, such as ventilators, monitors, and medication, to provide comprehensive care in the air.

Alpha Air Ambulance Team

Our staff has years of experience in medical repatriation

Questions to Ask Medical Repatriation Service Providers:

When contacting potential services, ask pointed questions to gauge their suitability:

● What accreditations does your service hold?
● How many years of experience do you have in medical repatriation?
● Can you operate globally, and do you have a network of healthcare facilities?
● What types of aircraft are in your fleet, and what medical conditions can they accommodate?
● What medical equipment and personnel are available during the repatriation?
● How do you handle unforeseen medical complications during transit?

Choosing the right medical repatriation service is crucial. It’s about more than getting from point A to B; it’s about ensuring that the journey is as safe and comfortable as possible for the patient. By considering these key factors and asking the right questions, you can find a provider that meets your needs and upholds the highest standards of medical care and patient safety.

How much does medical repatriation cost?

The cost of medical repatriation can vary widely, starting from €5000 in some cases exceeding €100.000. Reason for this is the multifaceted nature of medical repatriation, varying significantly based on numerous factors such as distance, transport type, medical needs, and urgency.

For instance, a repatriation from the EU to Chicago with comprehensive services including business class tickets and ground ambulance in the USA may cost around $50,000. However, excluding premium flight tickets, costs could be closer to $30,000. Similarly, a private air ambulance with a large jet like a Gulfstream from Amsterdam to Detroit could reach €110,000, while opting for a smaller plane and multiple stops might halve the cost. The wide range reflects the bespoke nature of each medical repatriation, tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Here we break down the elements that contribute to the cost, provide a perspective on average expenses, and offer advice on handling unexpected financial demands.

Factors Influencing Cost of Medical Repatriation Services

Several variables play a role in determining the cost of medical repatriation:

● Distance and Destination: Longer distances and remote locations often entail higher costs due to the increased fuel requirements and potential need for multiple pilots or additional staff.
● Type of Transport: The choice between commercial flights with a medical escort and private air ambulances can have a substantial impact on cost. Air ambulances are typically more expensive but are necessary for critical cases, while commercial flight repatriations with medical escorts are generally at the lower end of cost spectrum.
● Medical Needs: The complexity of the patient’s medical condition affects costs. More severe conditions require specialised equipment and personnel, driving up expenses.
● Urgency: Emergency repatriations, which require immediate action, can be more costly due to the need for rapid response and potential for after-hours operations.
● Global Reach: Engaging a service with a global network may involve higher costs but can also mean more efficiency in handling international logistics, which may reduce overall expenses.

Financial Planning in Case of Medical Repatriation

To financially prepare for medical repatriation, consider the following steps:
● Insurance Review: Verify if your travel or health insurance policy covers medical repatriation and understand the extent of this coverage.
● Savings and Emergency Funds: It’s wise to have a contingency fund for unexpected medical expenses, including repatriation.
● Flexible Payment Options: Some services offer payment plans or financial assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask about these options.

Case Studies and Testimonials of our Medical Repatriations

The true measure of a medical repatriation service’s value is reflected in the stories of those it has helped. Through real-life examples, we can glean insights into the practical challenges
and solutions that define successful medical repatriations. Here, we share powerful testimonials and case studies that underscore the expertise and compassionate care provided by Alpha Air Ambulance.

A Medical Flight from Zagreb to Berlin

One of the many success stories is the urgent repatriation of a patient from Zagreb to Berlin, a mission that required not only medical expertise but also rapid logistical execution. The detailed account on our blog showcases the multifaceted approach taken to ensure the patient’s safe and timely return home. Read the full story here.

Medical Repatriation from Abu Dhabi to Manila: A Psychiatrist's Journey Home

A 28-year-old psychiatrist experienced a mental health crisis while in Abu Dhabi. Understanding the need for specialized care close to family, our medical repatriation team arranged a flight back to Manila. Accompanied by a flight doctor and a nurse, the patient was safely sedated and monitored, ensuring a serene and secure journey back home, exemplifying the compassionate and meticulous care central to medical air services.

Air Ambulance Pediatric Care: From Helsinki's Harsh Winter to Chennai's Warm Embrace

In the heart of Finland’s harsh winter, a 7-year-old child required urgent medical attention beyond what local facilities could offer. Our air ambulance was promptly dispatched, equipped with ICU-level facilities to stabilize the child. Accompanied by their parents, the child was flown to Chennai, receiving continuous care from our onboard medical team, highlighting the critical role of medical flights in pediatric healthcare emergencies.

Medical Air Escort for Lung Surgery Recovery: Amsterdam to Detroit

After a complicated lung surgery in Amsterdam, a patient needed to travel to Detroit for rehabilitation and family support. Our medical air escort service provided a fully-equipped private aircraft, ensuring the patient’s respiratory needs were met meticulously throughout the journey. The team’s dedication to personalized care during the flight underscored the importance of tailored medical repatriation in recovery and healing.

Complex Trauma Medical Repatriation: From Frankfurt's Expertise to Chicago's Continuum of Care

A challenging case involved a patient with severe head and spinal trauma in Frankfurt, requiring advanced care available in Chicago. The mission demanded precision coordination with multiple healthcare facilities and our medical team. Through careful planning and execution, the patient was repatriated, receiving continuous care during the flight, showcasing the intricate and comprehensive nature of air ambulance services in trauma cases.

Elderly Medical Flight: Compassionate Care from Munich to Delhi

A 78-year-old patient faced a life-threatening gastrointestinal issue in Munich and underwent multiple surgeries. To ensure comfort during the repatriation to Delhi, the mission was conducted in business class, with medical staff attentively monitoring and caring for the patient throughout the flight. This mission exemplified our commitment to providing patient-centric medical repatriation, ensuring the elderly receive the respect, care, and comfort they deserve during their journey.

Testimonials from the Heart by our dear customers

Hearing directly from those we’ve served offers the most authentic perspective on the impact of our medical repatriations.

Google review by Dezdemona Gjonej:
“With the help of this company, we successfully and very easily transported our colleague, who suffered a stroke in Dubai, back to Stockholm. From the first call, everything was so easy and fast. Flight doctor Martin and flight nurse Marko are an excellent team and very kind and professional. All the tickets and transport from the airport to the hospital were well organized, even the emergency services in Stockholm got on the plane to pick up the patient. From start to finish really great, all praise and a big greeting.”

Google review by Alessandro Napoli:
“The experience with Alpha Air Ambulance was great for me and it allowed me to arrive from UAE to the Philippines in a moment where I needed a medical flight and I couldn’t arrive in the country otherwise. Tarik assisted me through everything and provided me with all the assistance that I needed during the days before the flight and the experience and patience of doctor Jan helped me through the most difficult phase of the flight as I was experiencing panic attacks. Doctor Jan assisted me professionally all the way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai Airport with the assistance of his colleague and with his kindness, strength and resolution especially in the hours before the flight which were the most difficult for me I was able to calm down and overcome the panic attacks and I had very peaceful flight experience and I arrived in Manila feeling well rested and completely comfortable. Looking forward to fly with Alpha Air Ambulance again in the future.

Google Review by Christian Friedrich KUNKELE:
“Normally I do not write reviews but recently I had the privilege of utilizing Alpha Air Ambulance’s services, and I simply cannot praise them enough for their outstanding professionalism and care. Throughout my entire experience, Tarik, the person I was in contact with, demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

From the moment I first reached out to Alpha Air Ambulance, Tarik was incredibly responsive and attentive to the needs of my client. He patiently explained the entire process and answered all my questions, which immediately put me at ease during a stressful time. His ability to provide clear and concise information was invaluable.

The attention to detail and professionalism displayed by Tarik and the entire Alpha Air Ambulance team was truly impressive. They meticulously coordinated every aspect of the air ambulance service, leaving no room for uncertainty or worry. The medical team on board was highly skilled and compassionate, ensuring that I received the best care possible during my journey. Moreover, the team was equipped with the latest high tech medical equipment swell as the selected crew members were trained to the most superior standards.

In addition to their exceptional medical care, the Alpha Air Ambulance team also excelled in providing emotional support. They understood the stress and anxiety that comes with such situations and went above and beyond to provide reassurance and comfort throughout the journey.

Overall, my experience with Alpha Air Ambulance and Tarik was nothing short of outstanding. Their unwavering commitment to professionalism, expertise, and genuine care made a challenging situation significantly more manageable. I would highly recommend Alpha Air Ambulance to anyone in need of air ambulance services, and I am deeply grateful to Tarik and the entire team for their exceptional service. They truly are a cut above the rest.”


In the spirit of preparedness and informed decision-making, we invite you to reach out to Alpha Air Ambulance for a detailed consultation or to gather more information about our services. Our team of specialists is on standby to answer your queries, provide guidance, and assist you in charting a course for safe medical travel and repatriation. Connect with us to discover how our Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance Services, and Medical Assistance can support you in times of need.

Remember, in the world of healthcare, especially when away from home, foresight and professional support are invaluable. Don’t hesitate to secure the information and services that could make all the difference in a medical emergency. Reach out to Alpha Air Ambulance today—because your health and safety are our utmost priorities.

Frequently asked questions

Does insurance coverage include medical repatriation services?
Yes, insurance often covers medical repatriation, but there are conditions. Insurers may dictate specifics like timing, require multiple quotes to find the cheapest option, and not the fastest, and deny coverage for incidents involving alcohol or drugs. Some clients choose to bypass insurance or may not have it, like in cases where intoxication voids the policy. Typically, if the service aligns with the insurance terms, insurers reimburse healthcare costs post-service based on the provider’s invoice.

Best medical evacuation and repatriation insurance?
The best medical evacuation and repatriation insurance would be comprehensive, flexible in terms of service options, responsive in emergencies, and offer clear terms regarding coverage scope, ensuring it aligns with the individual’s needs and preferences for immediate and effective medical assistance.

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