Key Information about Medical Repatriations in Germany

Quick guide to Air Ambulances in Germany

When it comes to transferring patients requiring medical treatment or care nationally and internationally, we offer three options:

1. A service for medical repatriation, assisting in the transfer of patients from Germany to their home country.

2. Medical repatriation of patients to Germany: Our air ambulance services (ambulance jets, helicopter or ground vehicles) are accessible to retrieve patients from any location worldwide at any timem, and transport them back to Germany, accompanied by medical staff.

3. We offer patient transportation within Germany as part of our national air ambulance service.

Medical repatriation from Germany

Various circumstances can lead to a need for medical evacuation (medevac) while in Germany. This requirement may arise due to sudden illness, accidents, injuries, or the exacerbation of an existing medical condition. Should repatriation from Germany become essential, our team will coordinate the air medevac to the patient’s home country and also manage ambulance transportation to and from the aircraft, ensuring the utmost safety and care for each individual. We are available to offer unbiased, obligation-free advice regarding medical repatriation from Germany. Feel free to contact us – by phone or fill out our contact form.

Medical Repatriation to Germany

Have you fallen seriously ill or been injured in an accident abroad? Do you require a medical repatriation to Germany to receive medical care in your home Germany? Alpha Air Ambulance’s medevac service will collect you, wherever you are, and bring you back to Germany. Our control center is staffed 24/7 so you can contact us at any time. You will find all our contact information here.

Air ambulance within Germany

We offer fully equipped air ambulances and ground ambulances across Germany for domestic medical flights and patient transfers. Depending on the patient’s condition, we can arrange intensive care transport using a ambulance jet or transfer patients via helicopter. Additionally, we can coordinate ground transport to the nearest airport, utilizing a suitable ambulance to minimize travel time. For any inquiries or to request a no-obligation quote on air ambulance services in Germany please feel free to call us anytime or reach out to us through our contact form.

Why pick Alpha Air Ambulance for your medical repatriation?

At Alpha Air Ambulance we are able to  provide you with the best possible in-flight medical care at the most affordable prices. Our contacts in major airports as well as in smaller airfields, allow us to offer top-quality service across the world. Our skilled medical team is prepared to offer the necessary care to ensure your safe and comfortable transport. Our team can even help you plan your travel and arrange ground transport to make sure you get exactly where you need to go. 

Here is what some of our past customers had to say about Alpha Air Ambulance:

Guiding Light in Medical Navigation

Normally I do not write reviews but recently I had the privilege of utilizing Alpha Air Ambulance’s services, and I simply cannot praise them enough for their outstanding professionalism and care. Throughout my entire experience, Tarik, the person I was in contact with, demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

From the moment I first reached out to Alpha Air Ambulance, Tarik was incredibly responsive and attentive to the needs of my client. He patiently explained the entire process and answered all my questions, which immediately put me at ease during a stressful time. His ability to provide clear and concise information was invaluable.

The attention to detail and professionalism displayed by Tarik and the entire Alpha Air Ambulance team was truly impressive. They meticulously coordinated every aspect of the air ambulance service, leaving no room for uncertainty or worry. The medical team on board was highly skilled and compassionate, ensuring that I received the best care possible during my journey.

Moreover, the team was equipped with the latest high tech medical equipment swell as the selected crew members were trained to the most superior standards.

In addition to their exceptional medical care, the Alpha Air Ambulance team also excelled in providing emotional support. They understood the stress and anxiety that comes with such situations and went above and beyond to provide reassurance and comfort throughout the journey.

Overall, my experience with Alpha Air Ambulance and Tarik was nothing short of outstanding. Their unwavering commitment to professionalism, expertise, and genuine care made a challenging situation significantly more manageable. I would highly recommend Alpha Air Ambulance to anyone in need of air ambulance services, and I am deeply grateful to Tarik and the entire team for their exceptional service. They truly are a cut above the rest.

Seamless Support Across Borders

I am from the US and I’ve personally experienced this teams skills as medical providers and everything was very smooth and professional. Standards and quality of care are very high and I would strongly recommend this company to anyone that needs assistance.

Do you need help for yourself and your loved ones in Germany?

Are you interested in learning more about medical repatriation, or do you have inquiries about air ambulance services in Germany? Feel free to check our FAQs for additional information..

Contact us for professional advice on medical repatriation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repatriations from abroad can be arranged as early as the day after booking, thanks to our qualified medical teams and strategically located air ambulances. Our extensive experience and connections ensure smooth patient transport.

An air ambulance can typically be arranged within a few hours, depending on the urgency, patient’s condition, and destination requirements. For non-emergency medical flights, it’s advisable to provide at least 24 to 48 hours’ notice to ensure all preparations are met.

Our air ambulance services in Germany cover all of Europe and can extend globally depending on the patient’s medical needs and regulatory clearances. We have extensive experience navigating international medical repatriation across multiple continents.

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