# Medical transport by plane

Pulmonary Care Air Ambulance: Europe to USA

During the air ambulance transport of patients with serious pulmonary conditions, every measure is taken to ensure their safety, health, and comfort throughout the flight. Below is a detailed outline of the steps involved.

Air Ambulance Flight from Amsterdam to Detroit

Patient Details:
– Age: Not specified
– Medical Condition: Recent lung surgery, pulmonary illness, and carcinoma
– Special Requirements: Sofa configuration due to breathing issues, advanced respiratory support including a ventilator, nebulizers, suction unit, and 5000 L of medical oxygen. Continuous oxygen and inhalation therapy, pain management, and fluid aspiration.

Step 1: Pre-Flight Preparation

1.1. Assessment of the patient’s post-surgical lung condition and pulmonary illness in Amsterdam, tailored to their recent lung surgery and carcinoma diagnosis.

1.2. Configuration of a private VIP aircraft with a sofa setup due to the patient’s inability to lay flat, ensuring their comfort and safety during the flight.

Step 2: Departure Day - Amsterdam

2.1. The specialized air ambulance team safely transfers the patient from their residence to the Amsterdam airport, providing continuous care and monitoring.

2.2. The patient is comfortably positioned on the sofa in the aircraft, with a final verification that all necessary medical equipment is onboard and operational.

Step 3: Airport Procedures

3.1. Upon arrival at the airport, the team and patient bypass typical check-ins using a streamlined process for quick boarding.

3.2. Detailed declarations of medical equipment ensure a smooth passage through security without delays.

Step 4: Boarding and In-Flight Setup

4.1. The patient and medical team are escorted directly to the aircraft to minimize wait times.

4.2. Medical equipment, including a vital signs monitor, ventilator, and nebulisers, are securely installed and accessible throughout the flight.

4.3. The aircraft is stocked with 5000 L of medical oxygen to meet the patient’s needs.

Step 5: In-Flight Medical Care

5.1. Continuous monitoring by a flight doctor and nurse, ensuring the patient receives consistent oxygen and nebuliser treatments for inhalation therapy.

5.2. Administration of intravenous painkillers and medications to aid breathing.

5.3. Regular nursing care includes the aspiration of sputum and fluids to maintain respiratory function.

Step 6: Arrival in Detroit

6.1. The team ensures the patient’s safe and gentle exit from the aircraft at Detroit airport.

6.2. Quick processing through customs and immigration to avoid any discomfort or delays for the patient.

6.3. Immediate transfer of personal and medical belongings for continued care.

Step 7: Transfer to Hospital

7.1. Ambulance transport pre-arranged to take the patient directly to Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital in Detroit.

7.2. The patient remains under medical supervision during the transfer, ensuring uninterrupted care.

Step 8: Handover to Hospital

8.1. The patient is handed over in stable condition to the emergency room team at Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital.

8.2. Full briefing given to the hospital staff about the patient’s condition, treatment provided during the flight, and any necessary follow-up care.

Concluding Note:

From the historic canals of Amsterdam to the automotive heart of Detroit, this air ambulance journey provided a patient with critical pulmonary care every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition into hospital care upon arrival in the U.S.

# Medical transport by plane

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