# Medical transport by plane

Pediatric Air Ambulance: Finland to India

During the air ambulance transport of a child, essential steps are taken to ensure safety, health, and comfort throughout the journey. Below is an illustrative account of the procedures followed.

Air Ambulance Flight from Helsinki to Chennai

Patient Details:
– Age: 7 years
– Medical Condition: Critical, requiring primary care and mechanical ventilation
– Special Requirements: Continuous medication administration, full ICU support

Step 1: Pre-Flight Assessment and Preparation

1.1. Detailed evaluation of the child’s health status by medical staff in Helsinki.

1.2. Preparing ICU setup on the aircraft, including all essential therapeutic devices.

Step 2: Departure Day - Helsinki

2.1. The specialized air ambulance team picks up the young patient from their home to Helsinki airport with utmost care.

2.2. The child is securely placed into the medical vehicle, ensuring their safety and comfort during transit.

2.3. The team performs a final check to confirm that all essential ICU supplies and medical documentation are in order.

Step 3: Airport Check-In and Security

3.1. Upon reaching the airport, the child and the medical team are met by prepared airline personnel.

3.2. They utilize a fast-track check-in process to reduce waiting.

3.3. The child’s medical equipment is declared for hassle-free security clearance, ensuring a calm environment.

Step 4: Boarding the Aircraft

4.1. The child and the medical team are escorted to the gate, ensuring comfort during the wait.

4.2. The crew facilitates priority boarding, helping the child get settled with care.

4.3. ICU-grade medical equipment is carefully secured onboard for accessibility and safety.

Step 5: In-Flight Care

5.1. Continuous monitoring of the child’s vital signs and comfort levels during the flight by the medical team.

5.2. Administration of required medical therapies, maintaining the child’s treatment schedule.

5.3. Ensuring the child remains hydrated and comfortable, addressing any needs immediately.

Step 6: Arrival in Chennai

6.1. Assistance with the child’s safe departure from the aircraft, including careful handling of all medical devices.

6.2. Guided passage through Chennai’s immigration and customs for a streamlined process.

6.3. Support in collecting any personal and medical items checked during the flight.

Step 7: Transport to Final Destination in Chennai

7.1. Coordination of transportation ensures the child continues to receive medical attention en route to the destination.

7.2. Seamless transfer to the local medical facility or home to ensure ongoing care.

Step 8: Handover and Follow-Up

8.1. Communication with Apollo Children’s Hospital to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care.

8.2. Completion of the handover protocol to confirm the child’s safe arrival and status update.

Concluding Note:

The Air Ambulance service ensures thorough attention from the Nordic cold of Helsinki to the warmth of Chennai, providing a secure and uninterrupted medical transition for a critically ill child.

# Medical transport by plane

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