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# Medical transport by plane

Medical Repatriation: Europe to Australia

During the transport of a patient by plane, a number of steps are taken to ensure the patient's health and a carefree journey. Below you can read an example of journey and steps that are taken.

Medical Repatriation Flight from Dubrovnik to Brisbane

Name: Not Provided
Age: Not Specified
Medical Condition: Severe polytrauma with multiple fractures and spinal injuries
Special Requirements: Immobilization, pain management

Step 1: Pre-Travel Assessment and Planning

1.1. The medical and operations teams conduct a thorough review of the patient’s injuries and medical needs.

1.2. Necessary medical supplies, including a vacuum mattress and pain relief medication, are organized for the trip.

Step 2: Departure Day - Dubrovnik

2.1. The medical team arranges the patient’s transportation to Dubrovnik airport, focusing on safety and comfort.

2.2. The patient is carefully placed into a specialized ambulance, designed for secure and pain-minimized transport.

2.3. A final inspection is carried out to ensure all crucial medical supplies, including pain medications and immobilization equipment, are properly packed.

Step 3: Airport Check-In and Security

3.1. Upon arrival at the airport, the team and patient are met by staff briefed about the patient’s condition.

3.2. A specialized check-in process is utilized to minimize wait periods.

3.3. Security staff are notified of the patient’s condition and medical paraphernalia to facilitate a seamless security check.

Step 4: Boarding the Aircraft

4.1. The medical team ensures smooth passage to the gate, minimizing discomfort during waiting periods.

4.2. Early boarding is arranged for a stress-free transition to the aircraft seat.

4.3. All vital medical equipment, such as immobilization devices, are securely placed for immediate access.

Step 5: In-Flight Care

5.1. The patient’s health is meticulously monitored throughout the flight, ensuring stability and comfort.

5.2. Pain management and immobilization techniques are continuously applied according to medical standards.

5.3. The patient’s hydration and overall comfort are attentively managed, with the medical team ready to assist with any needs.

Step 6: Arrival in Brisbane

6.1. Support during patient exit from aircraft and handling of medical equipment.

6.2. Efficient navigation through Brisbane’s immigration and customs.

6.3. Assistance in retrieving any checked items.

Step 7: Transport to Final Destination in Brisbane

7.1. Organized travel ensures continuous patient care to the Brisbane location.

7.2. Smooth transition to Brisbane healthcare facilities or residence for ongoing care.

Step 8: Handover and Follow-Up

8.1. Coordination with Brisbane healthcare providers to ensure care continuity and sharing travel medical details.

8.2. Finalizing the transfer process, confirming the patient’s secure handover and health status.

Medical Repatriation service guarantees meticulous attention from Europe (Dubrovnik) to Australia (Brisbane), offering a safe and seamless medical transition of a patient.

# Medical transport by plane

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