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# Medical transport by plane

Medical Air Escort: Abu Dhabi to Manila

During the transport of a patient by plane, a number of steps are taken to ensure the patient's health and a carefree journey. Below you can read an example of journey and steps that are taken.

Medical Escort on Commercial Flight from United Arab Emirates to Philippines

Patient Details:

  • Name: Not Specified
  • Age: 28
  • Medical Condition: Psychiatric disorders
  • Special Requirements: Sedation, constant monitoring, oxygen therapy

Step-by-Step of Medical Air Escort Service by Alpha Air Ambulance:

Step 1: Pre-Travel Assessment and Planning

1.1. Examination and assessment of the patient’s psychological state by our medical team in Abu Dhabi.
1.2. Arrangement and readiness of necessary sedatives, alongside special medical gear for the trip.
1.3. Collaboration with Emirates to secure approval for the patient’s specific health requirements and onboard accommodations.

Step 2: Departure Day - Abu Dhabi

2.1. The escort team secures the patient’s transfer from their residence to Abu Dhabi airport, prioritizing comfort and safety.
2.2. The patient is gently moved into a medical vehicle, equipped for safe and comfortable transit.
2.3. The team conducts a final check, ensuring all essential medical items, such as sedatives and medical records, are ready and accounted for.

Step 3: Airport Check-In and Security

3.1. Patient and escort team arrive at the airport, with staff pre-alerted to medical conditions.
3.2. Use of an dedicated check-in counter to reduce wait times.
3.3. Security is pre-informed about the patient’s medical devices, ensuring swift and stress-free screening.

Step 4: Boarding the Aircraft

4.1. Escort team guides patient to gate, ensuring ease during wait times.
4.2. Staff facilitate early boarding, ensuring patient’s ease in seating.
4.3. Essential medical items, like oxygen apparatus, are appropriately secured either overhead or below the seat, ready for use.

Step 5: In-Flight Care

5.1. Continuous oversight of patient’s condition, maintaining vigilance over oxygen levels and general health during the journey.
5.2. Application of oxygen therapy as needed, adhering strictly to the prescribed medical guidelines.
5.3. Maintenance of patient hydration and comfort, addressing any needs for assistance or care throughout the flight.

Step 6: Arrival at Manila

6.1. Assistance with patient disembarkation and medical gear handling.
6.2. Smooth passage through immigration and customs.
6.3. Help with baggage collection

Step 7: Transport to Final Destination in Manila

7.1. Coordinated transfer to the final destination ensures ongoing patient care.
7.2. Seamless handover to local care facilities or home, maintaining continuity of care.

Step 8: Handover and Follow-Up

8.1. Interaction with Manila’s healthcare providers for a smooth transfer of care and sharing details from the flight.
8.2. Completion of handover, with verification of the patient’s safe transfer and ongoing well-being.

Medical Escort on Commercial Flight ensures thorough attention to the patient’s needs from Abu Dhabi to Manila, facilitating a seamless and secure medical journey.

# Medical transport by plane

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