# Medical transport by plane

Geriatric Air Ambulance: Germany to USA

During the air ambulance transport of elderly patients, meticulous care is taken to guarantee their safety, health, and comfort throughout the journey. Below is a detailed description of the procedures followed.

Air Ambulance Flight from Frankfurt to Chicago

Patient Details:
– Age: 82 years
– Medical Condition: Severe cardiac issues, requiring constant monitoring
– Special Requirements: Cardiac support, oxygen supplementation, and regular medication administration

Step 1: Pre-Flight Coordination

1.1. Thorough preparation involving coordination with the treating hospital in Germany and Lufthansa’s medical department to ensure all needs are anticipated and met.

1.2. Careful planning to secure a stretcher on the commercial Lufthansa flight, suited for the patient’s specific trauma-related requirements.

Step 2: Departure Day - Frankfurt

2.1. The patient is transported by ground ambulance from Trier Hospital to Frankfurt airport, accompanied by a medical team.

2.2. Upon arrival at the airport, the medical team ensures the patient is comfortably and securely settled on the stretcher for the flight.

Step 3: Airport Check-In and Boarding

3.1. The medical team navigates through check-in processes with pre-arranged assistance from airline staff to facilitate smooth boarding.

3.2. Detailed security procedures are handled with care to accommodate the patient’s condition and medical equipment.

Step 4: In-Flight Care

4.1. The patient is continuously monitored by an escorting medical doctor and nurse throughout the flight.

4.2. The patient remains immobilized and sedated to ensure safety and manage pain, with other necessary medical procedures performed onboard.

Step 5: Arrival in Chicago

5.1. The medical team assists with the safe disembarkation of the patient at O’Hare Airport.

5.2. Seamless coordination with airport personnel ensures a swift transfer to the waiting ground ambulance.

Step 6: Transport to Hospital

6.1. The patient is transported via ground ambulance from O’Hare Airport to Springfield Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

6.2. Continuous medical supervision is maintained during the ground transfer to monitor and support the patient’s condition.

Step 7: Handover to Hospital

7.1. Upon arrival at Springfield Memorial Hospital, a detailed handover is conducted by the air ambulance team to the hospital staff.

7.2. The team provides a comprehensive briefing on the in-flight care and current status of the patient, ensuring a smooth transition for ongoing treatment.

Concluding Note:

From the historic city of Frankfurt to the bustling streets of Chicago, this challenging mission was marked by meticulous preparation and expert care, ensuring a secure and continuous medical journey for a patient with severe trauma, highlighting the capabilities of Alpha Air Ambulance and partners in managing complex medical transports.

# Medical transport by plane

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