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# Medical transport by plane

Air ambulance: Zagreb to Berlin

During the transport of a patient by plane, a number of steps are taken to ensure the patient's health and a carefree journey. Below you can read an example of journey and steps that are taken.

Medical Escort Service: Zagreb to Berlin

Patient Details:

  • Name: K. F.
  • Age: 65
  • Medical Condition: Recovering from a recent heart surgery
  • Special Requirements: Oxygen therapy, wheelchair assistance

Step-by-Step Medical Escort Service:

Step 1: Pre-Travel Assessment and Planning

1.1. K. F.’s medical history and condition are thoroughly reviewed by the medical escort team based in Zagreb.
1.2. Special medical equipment, including oxygen tanks and a portable oxygen concentrator, are prepared for the journey.
1.3. Medical personnel coordinate with the airline, ensuring they’re aware of K. F.’s medical needs and the required assistance.

Step 2: Departure Day - Zagreb International Airport (ZAG)

2.1. The medical escort team arrives at K. F.’s residence to transport him to the airport.
2.2. K. F. is carefully assisted into a medical transport vehicle, ensuring his comfort and safety.
2.3. The medical escort team checks and ensures all necessary medical supplies are packed, including medications and medical records.

Step 3: Airport Check-In and Security

3.1. K. F. and the medical escort team reach the airport, where airline staff is already informed about K. F.’s medical requirements.
3.2. A dedicated check-in counter is used to minimize waiting time.
3.3. Security personnel are informed about K. F.’s medical equipment, and he is given priority screening to avoid unnecessary stress.

Step 4: Boarding the Aircraft

4.1. The medical escort team accompanies K. F. to the boarding gate, ensuring his comfort during any waiting time.
4.2. The airline staff assists in pre-boarding, allowing K. F. to settle comfortably in his seat.
4.3. Medical equipment, including oxygen tanks, is stowed securely in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front.

Step 5: In-Flight Care

5.1. The medical escort team monitors K. F.’s oxygen levels and overall well-being throughout the flight.
5.2. If necessary, oxygen therapy is administered according to K. F.’s prescribed regimen.
5.3. The team ensures K. F. is properly hydrated and assists with any comfort needs.

Step 6: Arrival at Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL)

6.1. The medical escort team assists K. F. in disembarking the aircraft, taking care of all medical equipment.
6.2. K. F. is accompanied through the immigration and customs procedures, ensuring a smooth transition.
6.3. Medical personnel assist K. F. in retrieving his checked baggage, if applicable.

Step 7: Transport to Final Destination in Berlin

7.1. A medical transport vehicle awaits to take K. F. and the medical escort team to their final destination in Berlin.
7.2. The medical escort team ensures a seamless transition from the airport to K. F.’s residence or medical facility.

Step 8: Handover and Follow-Up

8.1. The medical escort team communicates with K. F.’s local medical providers in Berlin, sharing relevant information about the journey.
8.2. The handover process is completed, and the medical escort team confirms K. F.’s safe arrival and well-being.

This comprehensive medical escort service ensures that K. F.’s medical needs are met during his journey from Zagreb to Berlin, providing a seamless and safe travel experience.

# Medical transport by plane

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