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Welcome to Alpha Air Ambulance at Zagreb Airport, your trusted ally for all medical air services. We specialize in organizing swift medical repatriations for patients around the world. Contact us by phone or through online contact form for immediate assistance.

With our extensive background in international medical transport, we guarantee efficient medical service in Zagreb, managing every step to provide a streamlined experience.

Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you have any questions or need additional information. We are here to help you, and Upon request, we can facilitate medical repatriation in just a few hours, whether by helicopter or jet.

Air Ambulance to Zagreb

Alpha Air Ambulance specializes in providing emergency and intensive care transport solutions to Zagreb, utilizing air ambulances outfitted with the latest life-support systems. Our team consists of highly skilled medical professionals ready to respond to emergencies. Each aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities to deliver the highest level of care during flight. We ensure rapid readiness for dispatch to Zagreb, facilitating swift and secure transport for urgent cases.

Medical Repatriation from Zagreb

Alpha Air Ambulance delivers emergency and intensive care transport solutions in Zagreb, featuring air ambulances equipped with advanced life-support systems, manned by skilled medical professionals. Our aircrafts are equipped with top-tier medical facilities to ensure premier care during flight. We stand ready for immediate dispatch from and to Zagreb , ensuring fast, secure transport for critical cases. In emergencies requiring transport from Zagreb, Alpha Air Ambulance provides immediate and comprehensive medical flight services. Our air ambulances, furnished with advanced medical equipment and staffed by experienced medical personnel, offer critical care transport from Zagreb to desired destinations. We guarantee swift departure to reduce wait times and enhance patient safety during transit. Additionally, our service extends to medically equipped helicopter transports, ready for immediate deployment at Zagreb Airport for bed-to-bed transfers, provided there are landing facilities at the receiving medical institutions.

Ground Ambulance transport in Zagreb

Our Ground Ambulance services offers swift and reliable emergency medical transport services in Zagreb, providing ground ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals. Our ground ambulances are outfitted to facilitate critical and time-sensitive transfers with a focus on ensuring the highest level of patient care. We operate seamlessly within Zagreb, offering prompt response times for immediate dispatch. In addition to our ground ambulance services, we also provide specialized medical transportation via ambulance for inter-hospital transfers, ensuring continuity of care for patients. Our commitment is to deliver efficient and safe ground ambulance services, meeting the urgent medical transport needs of the community in Zagreb and its surrounding areas.

Medical Air Transport for Covid-19 Patients in Zagreb

We are fully prepared to safely transport patients affected by Covid-19 to or from Zagreb, utilising specially equipped aircraft to ensure everyone’s safety. Our isolation units are designed to prevent viral transmission, allowing safe and effective in-flight care.

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For further information on our ambulance aircraft services, feel free to contact our team anytime. Alpha Air Ambulance can organise your medical flight from any global location back to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To initiate a medical flight from Zagreb, contact our 24/7 emergency response team via phone or online. Provide patient details, medical condition, and destination information. Our coordination team will handle all logistics, including flight arrangements, ground transportation, and hospital coordination

An air ambulance can typically be arranged within a few hours, depending on the urgency, patient’s condition, and destination requirements. For non-emergency medical flights, it’s advisable to provide at least 24 to 48 hours’ notice to ensure all preparations are met.

Our air ambulance services in Zagreb cover all of Europe and can extend globally depending on the patient’s medical needs and regulatory clearances. We have extensive experience navigating international medical repatriation across multiple continents.

To initiate a medical repatriation flight, contact our team with the patient’s current location, medical status, and desired destination. We will advise on the medical documentation required, manage all clearances, and coordinate with medical facilities at both ends to ensure seamless care throughout the journey.

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